• Israel set to implement a a crypto tax.
  • Russia had also looked to implement a similar policy earlier in the year

Globes have reported that the authorities in Israel are now demanding that their residents declare their crypto holdings for tax purposes. This means that Israel is proposing a crypto tax regulation.

The report stated that Israeli Tax Authority (ITA) had started contacting citizens who owned digital currencies informing them that they must fully declare all of their crypto assets for taxation. Not only that, the authorities also took a step further by reaching out to crypto exchanges operating in Israel and across the world about their citizens who might have been trading in crypto assets.

The authorities in Israel are also making use of the European Union’s Common Reporting Standards (CRS) regulations to automise the exchange of data between the exchanges based in Europe and the ITA. While the FATCA accord would be used to get the necessary data from the Internal Revenue Service of the United States.

In 2018, ITA had stated investors holding crypto assets were going to be subjected to a 25% crypto tax on their gains. According to the documents, the tax was going to be charged only on non-commercial holding. However, if the private holdings were to turn into business then they were going to be charged with two-stage corporate tax. Or a marginal tax that would depend on each individual tax brackets.

Russia is also implementing a crypto tax

You will recall that we reported the Russia is also looking to implement a tax regime that would cover crypto assets too. 

According to the report, the Bank of Russia had submitted a proposal in which tax can be demanded from mined cryptocurrencies. The authorities wants to put such crypto assets on the same level with treasury findings. 

If this proposal is accepted, the authorities would would be able to tax such crypto assets as they would be regarded as treasures which can be taxed under the law.