Ledger is the best option available, as it is well known for its hardware wallets. The consumer needs to have accessible options for their products, and due to the efficiency that Ledger offers, many companies have joined this option.

Pailhon, the vice president of this company, has made it known that Ledger has many interests. The main reason is this product is very effective because it concretely solves users and companies. Thanks to acceptance, other options such as MicroStrategy are also being implemented to offer greater benefits.

As part of the technology, Ledger also displays its business-level intelligence through MicroStrategy. This company has been well accepted since its inception in August 2020, and its treasure is valued in bitcoin. Among the examples that can be made known is Square since it acquired $ 50 million in this virtual currency.

After this acquisition, SubZero was developed, which works as an open-source system with which assets can be safely stored.


Ledger is the best help for MicroStrategy.

Pailhon has made several statements about Ledger, and they have pointed out digital assets and the security of hardware. Both Square and SubZero use both processes.

This VP has pointed out this technology may work better in companies that offer a technology like Square that handles HSM processing. This wallet is being configured in the best way to offer a very stable platform to all its clients.

But there is also MicroStrategy, and to work, it is necessary to know the number of participants and approximately 2 or 3 signatures. An authorization will also be important to carry out the transactions, and after this process, all the private keys will be taken and then stored in the HSM system.

Some of the private keys can also be stored in physical vaults; each user or company can benefit from Ledger’s use. Through this wallet, transactions can be made after logging into the Ledger Vault portal. When you are within this system, transactions can be carried out easily.