The curious case of Coinbase — employees driven out by ‘apolitical’ stance

Coinbase’s new “apolitical” culture has led to some employees taking severance packages, as the crypto community reacts with ambivalence.

Bitcoin mining’s future is green, and Russia has the best chance

Despite unclear crypto regulations in the country, Russia may become the leader in sustainable crypto mining.

Seller shortage? Bitcoin exchange reserves plunge as BitMEX bleeds BTC

Bitcoin exchange reserves are continuously plummeting as analysts pinpoint the trend to a potential shortage of sellers.

Understanding the EU’s 6AMLD and the risk to your business

The changes brought about by 6AMLD will affect a lot of businesses, but there is still time to prepare for new rules.

Amid IRS bounty and competitor progress, Monero developers ship a major update

A new Monero update brings improvements in performance, speed, and security amid increased scrutiny from law enforcement and developments from competitors

Indian tech school to offer crypto and blockchain courses

In the wake of post-COVID-19 challenges, India’s Karnavati university has established a tech school to offer crypto and blockchain courses. The global pandemic has led to the understanding of the extent of world dependency on technology not just to thrive but to survive. 2020 has seen the globe move into the digital world like never…

EOS price prediction: Altcoin looks ready for $2.9, analyst

EOS price prediction expect a prime $2.9 raise. EOS is affected by market volatility as much as other coins. EOS price finds strong support at $2.52 mark. The cryptocurrency’s graph depreciated on the 17th of October as the EOS price fell towards the $2.51 level. The EOS price prediction by the Trading View analyst DLavrov…

Huobi partnership with Banxi aims to expand fiat services

Huobi, through a partnership with Banxi, is looking to expand its fiat options for its users in the UK, European Union and Australia. The partnership will see Banxi, a leading fiat to digital currency payment services integrated within the Huobi services, allowing its users to buy digital currency using their local currencies. The partnership will…

Bitcoin price prediction – Bulls struggle to break beyond $11,600

Bitcoin price prediction has gone haywire after multiple rejections from $11,600 Bulls have been unable to muster up liquidity and volume to break $11,600 resistance 50-day SMA is now above the 100-day SMA signalling waning bull strength Any weekend abrupt price move can do severe damage to Bitcoin price Cryptocurrency heatmap by Coin360 Bitcoin price…

Coinbase Custody lists news coins

Coinbase custody to list 39 new coin Some tokens may not be available in some countries Popular US cryptocurrency exchange firm, Coinbase, through its custody arm, Coinbase custody, has begun looking at the possibility of it integrating some new tokens in the crypto market into its platform. According to a recent blog post by the…