• Ripple users lose over 1 million XRP to phishing scam
  • Scam was carried out using a cloned website

XRP Forensics has announced that over 1 million Ripple’s XRP has been lost to a phishing scam. It was reported that Ledger wallet users were tricked by the scammers who cloned the original website. 

Forensics went on to urge users to pay careful attention to the website before initiating any form of transactions.

It was further added that the stolen Ripple’s tokens were transferred in five batches to Bittrex. The crypto exchange company was unable to stop the transfer of the funds in time.

The scam was perpetrated using a phishing email that directed the unsuspecting users to a fake domain name according to emerging details. The mail was in the guise of asking users to update their wallets.

Once a user clicks on this phishing link, it takes them to a cloned site which tricks them into downloading a malware that would end up emptying their accounts.

A somewhat similar scam is also a phishing email made to appear like it is from “Team Ripple.” The scammer requested that users whitelist their wallet addresses to partake in a fake reward program that would distribute over 5 billion XRP.

Scammers target Ripple and other crypto assets users

The number of crypto scams has risen massively this year. 

Different reports have emerged of how attackers have been trying to defraud unsuspecting crypto users. 

This year, a crypto heist was carried out using Twitter. Another one was recorded in Spain where an alleged scammer defrauded hundreds of people.

Not only that, the official website of President Trump was hacked and the hackers were requesting for Moreno. 

Gaming giant, Capcom, also suffered a ransomware attack and the attackers were requesting for over $10 million in Bitcoin.

It would be recalled that Ledger had a security breach in which the personal data of their customer base was compromised.